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Aug 14, 2010

Space Invader Pop Up Card

space invader pop up card

I couldn't resist trying a Space Invader origamic architecture pop up after seeing the Pacman guy from Cut Score Fold and Glue.

Took me awhile to figure out how to do the single blocks on the antennae, not to mention the bottom with those sides with no visible means of support.

Tutorial in a couple days!

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Ron said...

Great work and nice color mix ^^

cg said...

Incredible! I just used space invaders for a birthday card...33 tiny space invader cards, actually. I can just see them climbing this guy! You are such an inspiration.

EpsilonWolf said...

wish i couldve figured this out earlier, but never the less, this is an awesome model.

CutScoreFoldandGlue said...

awesome!great job! :) we was working on space invaders ones lol thanks for mentioning us :)

cpeep said...

I thought I was being so original :).

After I made mine and started writing the post I followed the links back to Cut Fold Score and Glue to cite the Pacman card and saw you were doing space invaders too! Great minds, right?

Trying to figure out how you all, Ron and EpsilonWolf and Cutscorefoldandglue, are connected to one another....


CutScoreFoldandGlue said...

we all just follow each others blogs and epsilon wolf is part of the cutscorefoldandglue team :)

cpeep said...

Aw shucks, I was working on a conspiracy theory.

Jyothi said...

Thanks for this template. I made a space invader card for my son't birthday and he was really pleased.

cardsbuttonsandthoughts said...

I made a space invaders birthday card for my son. Your template made it easy. It was cool. He loved it.