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Sep 1, 2009

The Minnesota State Fair

Just back from a long weekend in Minneapolis with my online book club.

Mostly I took pictures of signs (and other odd things) at the Minnesota State Fair.

Midway Mens [sic] club. Youth activities and beer. Awesome.

This one is crop art. It's entirely composed of tiny seeds. Can anyone shed some light on the symbolism? Notice how neither woman actually has a name.

In some strange way this reminds me of the last picture.

I asked. It's the kind of coffee you make by throwing the coffee in hot water and then adding an egg to settle the grounds.

Eat these next to your cheese curds.

Get yer healthy stuff here.

At the end of the fair the princesses get to take their butter heads home. Yum.


Karelj said...

I am laughing so hard!!!! We are going to the NY State Fair on Sunday...I'll have to keep an eye out for these!
BTW, I just started a new challenge on my blog karelj.blogspot.com The prize this month is an assortment of embellishements I know you'd love. Fly on over to join in the excitement!

Anonymous said...

Those crazy Minns! Did you run from there screaming?

Whimcees said...


I was born and raised in Minnesota and I don't know if you would call us 'crazy Minns' but these photos brought back many memories and made me smile.

By the way, coffee made this way is delicious! Many a church dinners would not serve coffee any other way!

Barbara Diane

cpeep said...

Oh, I enjoyed every minute of it.

The coffee looked delicious, but it was high noon and a little too warm for hot drinks (for me).

I tried a cheese curd. It was okay, but a little too greasy for me. I was not brave enough to eat a Spam curd.


Kim said...

Ha ha ha!! I haven't been to the MN state fair in years!!! I almost want to go again!

Sandee Q. said...

I love the Plaque with the ladies not having a name. All my life my mom was Mrs. Joseph F. Brown.
WHen I got married, I told the minister to please DO NOT introduce us as Mr & Mrs John Black. I am Sandee Black.

I think he thought I was nuts.