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May 8, 2009

Help! Can Anyone Read Japanese?

I found some really cute animal bookmarks last week, and now I can't find the site again!

Here's the copyright info. Can anyone tell me what it says?

UPDATE!! Never mind! I found it, not 5 minutes after I posted this. It's here.


fallentears317 said...

it says:
kitsutsuki (the name) and then エ房 is ebou. :) good luck

m1k125 said...

Nice to meet you Carol.
Your blog is very wonderful. I give the card which I made in reference to your blog to a friend. Thank you.
This article is a thing in front for several years…
Because I am a Japanese, I understand a meaning. I think that it is conveyed in English that you want to know the need.
Please contact me, if necessary.