Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Oct 17, 2008

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Oct 17, 2008

Never Too Early...

...to start thinking about Christmas cards. This weekend, I have to make a Tinkerbelle costume. Next weekend I start on the Christmas cards. I used to say, "I make 100. You can't get on the list until someone dies!" Except, I think I made 108 last year, now that those pesky nieces and nephews are growing up and moving out on their own. Time to cut some of those non-responders, right?
You can see my old ones on my very first blog post.

I can't reveal what I'm making this year, although if you are a Splitcoaststampers forum reader you probably have an inkling.
Now, on to some inspiration!
I ran across this great book, and what do you know, the author has a blog with selections from the book, additional cards from the author's collection and reader submissions.
I also like Thomas Hoehn's stuff. I first saw him featured on Photojojo. Here are his older cards.
Here's another idea from Photojojo.

I love this one by Gabrielle Blair, inspired by the “Dreams of Flying” series by Jan von Holleben.

A couple from Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

Some ideas from my inspiration file.
Teabag folding from Card Inspirations. 
About a zillion card making ideas from HGTV. 
Folding book from Exploring Womanhood.
Another one from HGTV.. Looks like a tree, doesn't it? 
A bunch of stuff from Impress.
Canon's Creative Park always has something!
Just a few of my Favorites!

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