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Dec 19, 2008

Sad News for Origamic Architecture Fans

I heard from the OA mailing list that Masahiro Chatani, master of origamic architecture, died on November 19th.
Some of his books are still in print and available new. Many are available used for prices varying from not-so-bad to forget-about-it. Warning, some are Japanese language only. Once you understand the basic concept, you won't need written instructions for the patterns, but don't buy a Japanese one for starters!
My personal favorites are these two. I lovelovelove the first one. Page after page of wonderful, amazing, unusual Christmas designs. The second one is my go-to reference for sliceform design. It's all about making the shapes, not completed projects.

White Christmas: Create Your Own Cards and Decorations

Pop-Up Geometric Origami
This one looks intruiging. I can't vouch for it personally as I haven't gotten my hands on it, yet . Note it is in Japanese. If anyone has it, or buys it, give me a review, okay?

Pattern Sheets of Origamic Architecture
Here is a selection of his available titles, and a couple by Keiko Nakazawa, his collaborator.

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Bree/Reilly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog......so you are our mystery card maker on Tally.......I have been checking out some sites on pop-up cards....they are amazing!