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Nov 25, 2008

Matryoshka-ish Boxes

Oh, you do so know what matroyshka means.

Anyway. Moving on.

One day last month I was poking around on Amazon looking for new pop-up books and I came across a wonderous item called a Roly Poly book. It's a linked series of progressively larger half-boxes that roll up into the largest one. AND (wait for it), each one has a pop up element built into it, using the fold at the join between the boxes to pull open the pop up. Oh. My.
I had to have one.
This one.

I have to make one.
It reminded me of something else I had seen a long time ago and filed away in the back of my mind. Never made it because, well, you can't exactly stuff it in an envelope. It's called a Fantasy Box.

Closed, it's a tall box. When you open it the trays swivel out like magic from the inside folds of the box. I'm starting to think I might go ahead and make one of these as a warm up and then sit down and make a template for the Roly Poly. (Lots more examples and complete tutorial at Stubby Stampers.)
That would be after I finish the Christmas Cards, of course.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your "stuff". I ordered a Roly Poly "Countdown to Christmas" book from the Nov 25, 2008 blog. It is soo cute. Have you had time to make a template yet? It would be very interesting but probably not the easiest to make. Anyway, hope you get to that template. Thanks.
Nancy Rogers

cpeep said...

Oh, I really must get on this. I had a quick look at it this morning. Long enough to realize I need graph paper and scissors and a few trials and errors.