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Oct 1, 2008

Work in Progress

Wedding Cake Pop Up Card

Remember this design from Lesson 20?

I'm slaving away to make a somewhat larger wedding version. For the sides of the cake I'm usings a paper with a fine rib (Corduroy by The Paper Company) and for the tops a shiny embossed paper (Embossed Swirl by The Pape Company). I need to place the silk flowers just right so they don't interfere with the center fold line.


Anonymous said...

Wow I can not wait to see this project finished. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Debbie/Phx AZ

Mel M. M. M. said...

Amazing! This is going to be incredible! I love the texture. Pure ultimate genius! :O)

Shikha said...

Can u plz add the instructions as how to make straight line chocolate cake..Culd fiure it out..

Carol said...

Shikha, Practice some easier samples from this site:

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