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Sep 11, 2008

Seven Flower Pop Up Redux

A shout out to anyone who tried the Seven Flower Pop Up and didn't like the "pop". Blame me, blame me completely. The gluing instructions in the very last step should have showed only the center petal glued to the card, not the center three petals. Please give it another chance and see if it works better.

Original illustration

Corrected illustration


dr.amy said...

i made one by following your steps!! but it dint pop!! then i tried another , and i am damn sure i had followed each of your step carefully, but still it dint pop...the last folded paper used as card,it curled under the flower when i tried to open the card!! may be i should try a harder paper!! plz suggest something!! =/

cpeep said...

I think your card paper is too thin. Try making your flowers out of thin paper and your card out of cardstock.

Anonymous said...

my first try took me about two hours to do.....and then it didnt work. now it just looks like a glue mess and i dont have a good looking card for my frend.

Carol said...

Anonymous, I suspect you were a little too generous with the glue. I used pre-made glue dots. It's a controlled size and doesn't spread to places you don't want it.