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Sep 29, 2008

Do I Know Hue?

Think you have a good eye for color?

Try this test.

There's an interesting article about color discrimination, and more about this test, by Mark Pajari on his blog.

I tried this while wearing my old glasses and got a 7 (which is not too shabby). Then I put on my good glasses and, astoundingly, got a ZERO, which is 100% correct.

Comment time: What did you score and what's your color/design background?

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I've just done your colour test. I wear contact lenses, but I've not long been up, and am not wearing them yet! (They're not super strong - one eye is -2.25, and the other eye is -1.75, but, my eyesight is a bit fuzzy without them so I was extremely surprised when I did the test and got 0 straight away! So, of course, I then had to try it using my contacts, and I still scored 0. I have not art/colour training at all, other than being a stamper, so I'm rather surprised, but very happy, with my results. As soon as my husband gets home from work tonight I'm going to have him do the test because I think he is seriously colour challenged! We constantly disagree over whether something is yellow or orange, for example, when it is clearly yellow! Thanks for putting this up - it was great fun

mumtomanyuk said...

At he end of a long tiring day doing course-work on the computer and seeing to the foster-baby and providing tea to the builder I scored 13. No art/colour training so I am pleased with the result. Will try again when my eyes are not stinging and tired.