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May 23, 2008

Seven Flower Throw Down

I challenged Mel at Mel Stampz to a throw down (à la Bobby Flay) using the 7 flower pop up card. She is a flower making phenom. I have the pop up design. Wow, as I write this I'm starting to think she has a huge advantage :).
We're going to work away at our designs this weekend and cross post them on our blogs. You, our readers, get to vote for your favorite! Winner has to give the loser....what? I dunno, we didn't think it out that far. Maybe just bragging rights.

1 comment :

Mel M. M. M. said...

Hi, I was gonna email you and explain about penultimate, but I figured you deserve a public apology! :0) I fixed that post, my DUH. I blame it on the migraines that are eating my brain cells, heehee. Sorry Darlin!

This pop up thing is harder than it looks. Your tutorial was the only thing that gave me a workable card. I kept mucking up the folding... :0)