Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Vellum Butterflies

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Apr 7, 2008

Vellum Butterflies

I've been mulling over this idea from Mel Stampz to print out butterflies on vellum and use them for cards and crafts. It's a great way to get a two-sided design without having to get the printing to line up JUST SO on both the front and back. I wonder if vellum is too brittle for pop up cards, though. It's not very forgiving. One wrong fold and it's ruined!


Nathalia said...

Hi CPeep, came over to upload your card into the Caardvarks "Flight of Fancy" Gallery but there's no card? :( Feel free to repost at the Caardvark blog when you have a pic available! Thanks for playing,

Mel M. M. M. said...

Can't wait to see if vellum works for popups. Are you using cardstock or paper? I found that I could fold the cardstock I used easily. Hope it works! :0) Mel

cpeep said...

I mostly use cardstock for the pop up elements, just for durability. But there is no reason the parts that are moved (rather than DOING the moving) can't be paper. Today, really, I am going to try the vellum. I got some gold and silver coated stuff, too, that may or may not work. We'll see.